How did you come up with your username

How did you come up with your username, any special meaning to it?

Answer #1

I’m a punk, I love to rock day and night and I’ll do that 4ever. Punkrocker4ever! by the way, anyone want to join me?

Answer #2

Well, I’ve had mine all my life. My full name is Rachel Carol Hunter. I’m not the fondest of my middle name, so I shortened it to a C. That’s why my username is “rachelchunter”. =o)

Answer #3

penguin is one of my fav animals and 18 is my fav number so I did 1818 and got penguin1818!

Answer #4

Well im totally original (not) and thought well NZDaniel, I live in New Zealand and my name.

Pretty boring actually, I was braindead when I came up with it probably.

Answer #5

yup thats my first name. some pple call me cici though:) chantria’s ok too;) pple at school call me that but some of em cant say my name so yeahh

Answer #6

everyone calls me miss and my initals are jj and the year was 2007 so I took the 07 part. Not very creative :P

Answer #7

awwwh your welcome;) thank you too!

Answer #8

I like irene’s username!!! =)

Answer #9

My kids names are Colby, Ethan & Kylee…ColEthKy

Answer #10


my middle name is Louise but a lot of people call me lou or lou lou and my favorite number is 11 so that’s basically it :]

Answer #11

its actually greeneyedmonster w/c means jealous or envy but it doesnt sound right so I changed it to angel..and I’ve been using this username on any site..

Answer #12

Nope - mine is boring and just my name.

Answer #13

Awww Thankss aznsk8er

I Think Yours Is VERY Creative :D

Answer #14

lish is my nickname and 54 is john cena’s number, I like my nickname and I love john cena so I put them together lol

Answer #15

its just my first && last name && the year I granduate. nothing really special lol.

Answer #16

haha john cena is AWESOME!!!

Answer #17

My username is ‘’Aznsk8er’’ I’m asian and I’m a skater! That’s how I came up with mine:)

Answer #18

Ohhh Okatyyy

Imma Stickk To Cici

I Like It :D

Answer #19

im a miss, and the last part is related to my name.

Answer #20

Im a Pwincezz

&& My Name Is Irene

&& mY Middle name is Marie


Answer #21

Nah, Lilpoofle popped into my head. :|

Answer #22

No Problem Chantria :D

That is your name right?lol

Answer #23

I made mine when I was drunk

Answer #24

My first and last name.

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