Why in the usa, if we are know as mainly surviving on service, then why are we outsourcing service?

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Dislike of the minimum wage by the average American? Also the 'China' factor...

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True, but I do not see how anyone could ever live here on minimum wage, but then there are some people who's work and worth even the minimum wage.

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thats why more and more mothers are forced to work, so families can survive.

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Chris, people living in China, India etc are used to the way their lifestyle are, that is minimum wages, poor safety awareness at their workplace etc and etc. You cannot expect people living in American, Australia etc to understand why someone would wake up everyday for the bare minimum wage. Seriously, Americans isn't doing too well financially so beggars shouldn't be choicer. Americans should be happy they still have jobs and are not homeless.

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Not an expert but I'm guessing it is cheaper to use the 'man force" overseas in China and India. If American people are serious about recovering from the global financial market, they should be willing to accept a pay cut in order for the business to stay put, otherwise a business cannot survive paying the above award wages for their employees. When the American economy picks up, them employees can demand more pay. Americans people need to compromise a bit instead of being so aggressive.. If I was running a business during hard times, the last thing I want is to continually paying my staff top money when the consumers my business is providing the service too is holding off their spending. I would requests my employees to help my business out and receive less then what they earn and if the economy recovers, I would pay back their loyalty and increase their wages even more.

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I have taken a pay cut for now 3 years, I have one of our companies that we have not seen a paycheck for ourselves for 6 months. I sometime feel like I go to work for free, then I get taxed heavily but the state and Government, sometimes I think I should just pick up and move.

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