How do I get urine stains out of my mattress?

How do I get urine stains out of my mattress after your 5 yr old child?

Answer #1

yes it stains try getting a water proff sheet and when she wets the bed next it will stop it going to mattress if you can afford it I would buy a new bed I don’t think pee stains come out very well and the smell lingers as well

Answer #2

Ewe.. Does pee really leave stains??!

Answer #3

you could maybe try bleach

Answer #4

I had to do this with my daughter for my bed (as she sleeps in it)and hers- I bought pet stain urine remover for pets and sprayed the beds soaked them-let them sit for 20 mins then I took my H20 mop and used the steam cleaner with the xtra platic thing and ran over the spots over and over again.Stains and smell came out. Plus I went and bought a cheap shower curtain for my daughters bed (1.00 at the dollar store) and place that on her mattress before I addd the sheets. Works awesome!

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