urinating blood...

I recently had sex with my boyfriend, about two days ago. I didnt really feel any pain in the two days after. but when I woke up this morning I felt some pain when I had to go to the bathroom and I find that I have the urge to pee a lot and its usually only small amounts, and it has been kinda pink, like im bleeding a little and im pretty sure its not my period.

is it a urinary infection?

what can I do (without having to see a doctor)???

Answer #1

Yes, it sounds like a urinary tract infection. They have a product called Azo Standard, it treats UTI’s and you can buy it over the counter.

Try taking that and if the problem doesn’t start to go away, see your doctor.

Answer #2

Don’t take chances…go to your Dr. and get a prescription antibiotic…bladder infections can easily become kidney infections.


Answer #3

azo (pyridium) as mentioned above does not cure a uti, it only treats the symptoms. You really need to go to the doctor to get antibiotics to treat this. It is the classic symptoms of a uti that you have. If you ignore it , it can lead to a kidney infection that could require hospitalization, I’ve antibiotics and damage to your kidneys. Also make sure that before you and your boyfriend have sex or play around with eachother, that your and his hands are clean, and always go pee after sex. It sounds crazy, I know. But think of everything that he has touched today is now touching you.

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