Urgent villain character name!?!??!? Asap!

Okay people really need help with this, originally I had a fantastic name but I can’t remember!(I need 1st and second name) the villain doesn’t have an obviuos villain name as it is a mystery and therefore no-one knows she’s the villain until the end. She is a news reporter very…plastic? Loves being famous, thinks she’s beautiful very big-headed. She would do anythinng for fame… I was thinking about something along the lines of tiffany mirral… Something tarty and glamorous and I need it asap seriously? Anyone???

Answer #1

Elodie Marks

Clarissa Stapes

Answer #2

isabella peirce or cherry lee

Answer #3

someone suggested to me when I needed on, Malvagita. I’m using that, but you culd uze it too :)

Answer #4

Ouy LLikI? ( Aka I KILL YOU. XD )

Answer #5

1st names: Porsha,sabrina,Alana,lila,lily,laury,dana,holly,jamie,betany,courtney,bella,merriam

last names:I like mirral

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