Can you get pregnant from this?

Can you get pregnant if the male masturbates and has ejaculated and it went on his on his hands and fingers you straight after???

Need to know asap!!!

Answer #1

-tilts head- I wouldn’t think so. I’m pretty sure you’re safe. But I’m not a doctor or anything. Just wait a month, if anything you can buy a test then and double check. I had to do the same thing (waiting a month to know) but luckily I had my monthly problems.

Answer #2

yup you can take it from me ( not acctuly me) My friend was a virgin got fingerd and he must have had sperm on his fingers because now she has a four month old son and she is still a virgin! but she chose to have the kid and he left her… :O :O :O


Answer #3

Yes.. definately.

Answer #4


If you don’t know the answer to this simple of a concept, you aren’t mature enough to handle the responsibilities of having s*ex. WOW..

Answer #5

Yes it is possible. It only takes 1 sperm.

If Aunt Flow doesn’t show up you need to get a pregnancy test.

Answer #6

Was he THAT stupid, he couldn’t wash his hands after?

Answer #7

lmao…yeah! Yo thats not to smart :/

Answer #8

probably :
buy a test to know for sure

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