How do you get your points up?

I always ask questions and answer them and it doesnt seem to go up

Answer #1

People have to push the like button on your answers to give you more points if you gave helpful advice. Adding videos and making a Howto gives you points too

Answer #2

Ok Thanks x

Answer #3

when you will ask question,you will get points according to its category.When you will answer the questions and if people ‘’like’’ your answer you will get points.Writing a how to can also help you make points.For more information read ‘’my points’’ in MORE option :)

Answer #4

Well, you don’t get points for status updates - only real questions (for example, you’ll get points for this question). Also, you only get points if someone likes an answer on questions, but not status updates. (Please note that posting several meaningless questions just to increase your point count IS frowned upon) You also gain points by uploading photos and video, and by submitting How To’s.

Answer #5

Thanks al press ur like button :) , x

Answer #6

i pressed ur like button

Answer #7

Thanks al press ur like button :) , x

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