What happens when ur belly ring hole closes up does it scar?

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It all depends on how long youve had it, how well i was pierced, and your body. Some people scar and some dont..ive taken out many piercings and dont have any visable scars that can be seen today.

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yer im just thnking about getting it done.. n seeing if it scars bad but if it did it would only b tiny.. x

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It wouldn't leave a large, or very obvious scar as long as you take care of it, for example, I know mine will leave a bigger scar then most because it got infected and I used something to clean it that I shouldn't have because it had alcohol in it (makes the scar tissue go all weird)! So just make sure you get it done in a good studio and look after it!

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it could. my cousins did and i had to poke mine back through and was kind of off and theres like a scar so yeah its possible.

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yes, no matter how you take care of it there will be a permanent noticable scar and possibly indent when you inevitably take it out, though everyone is different, you will rarely not end up with a scar

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