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What are some ups and downs on different cities in Australia?

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I'm seriously considering moving to Auz. I was wondering if anybody has any information in the cities, like what kind of people live where, and where are some amazing places you have been to? What places offer good work, and what places have a good all round climate- I'm not too keen on rainy seasons. I've been to Sydney a few times but only ever with family doing touristy things. As I am young, yes I'm looking for a place have fun, party, and make friends. I'd rather go somewhere else rather than Sydney though. I've been looking at Perth... but yeah I just want some opinions. Even if you haven't personally gone to Australia, have you got any hints/tips/info for me? Thanks.

- Just to make it clear, of course I will be working or studying full time, I'm not just going over to be on the doll.. When I say 'party' I mean have a good time, go out on Saturday night.. meet people.. casual stuff, not get absolutely trashed every night lol.