What is an unusual rule that you have in your household?

What is the reason for that rule? In my house, it is forbidden to sit on blanket that has been tossed on any of the furniture. The reason being, is that my cats like to burrow inside the blankets and you can’t always tell when a cat is hiding in the lumps of blanket…so, to keep them from getting hurt, the rule was put into place.

Answer #1

That rule is SO cute. :) I can’t think of any unusual rules in my househould, it’s pretty relaxed I think.

Answer #2

Don’t ask silly questions.

– Majikthise.

Answer #3

Im not sure how unusual they are but i have a few. I have a “spot” on the sofa, no one is allowed to sit in. Its my spot, its at a perfect angle for the tv, has a small table next to it for my drink, and is near the arm of the sofa which i lean against. Chris wont even dare sit in my spot. Another one is nothing is to be left on the kitchen counter. I dont like things looking cluttered and dirty and it looks so much better when the counter is clean.

Answer #4

lol, I wonder what happens when someone sits in that spot. O_o

Answer #5

No naps allowed unless you work that night, the house needs to be clean everyday meaning even if it is already u need to clean it, and u cant sleep in…. my dads rules not so much my moms but my dad thinks he is always in charge around here even tho last time i check i am an adult and me and mom are the only ones working an actual job.

Answer #6

that is sooooo cute

Answer #7

btw this only replys to the girls in the family…. my lil bro of 16 can do what ever he wants… and if we are sick we get told to suck it up

Answer #8

That doesn’t seem very fair. :(

Answer #9

its not but its been that way for 21 yrs thats how old my sis is…. just the way my dad was brought up… like my day off is today and tomorrow and i have sinus problems and i need to have surgery but the ENT cant get me in til the 20th of dec… so all i wanna do is nap for a bit but i cant and i feel nausues but just the way he is…

Answer #10

hehe the first one reminds me of homer simpson :P

Answer #11

i am getting flashbacks from when i watched the big bang theory…

Answer #12

How about you don’t be rude…if you don’t have an answer, then don’t answer.

Answer #13

It is an unusual rule that we have in our household - so it answers the question.

– Best wishes - Majikthise.

Answer #14

I don’t think he was saying for you not to ask silly questions, or saying anything bad about your question Colleen, I think he meant that it’s a rule in his house - not to ask silly questions.

Answer #15

lol….my apologies - it was just so…direct :)

Answer #16

nobody’s allowed to use the microwave

Answer #17

No need to apologise I deliberately phrased it that way because the ambiguity amused me, so I thought it would probably amuse others as well.

All the best - Majikthise.

Answer #18

In my house we have a big chair which is not to be used as it was supposed to be my grand grand fathers chair which has rights only for him. Hence it is still placed in our house not to be used by anyone. Sounds strange, isn’t it?

Answer #19

…why not?

Answer #20

I have to have my phone downstairs @ 9 pm every night…. which is kinda stupid because I dont have texting… haha.

Answer #21

numbers on the tv,cooker,radio any household appliance cant be on an odd number. specially with the tv it drives me mad.

Answer #22

my mom gets these emails froms friends about different things, and the latest one was about the microwave. i didn’t get to read much of it or anything, and my mom didn’t really tell me anything. all she told me is that what she read was horrifying, and all that i got to read was that the microwave takes minerals out of food, and people can develop tumors. it also had some pictures of plants, one with mineral water and the other with microwaved water. after a few days the plant with the microwaved water turned into a little stub. so ya whenever my mom gets emails like this she takes them very seriously

Answer #23

Hahaha I love your house hold, Colleen. Mine could probably be ‘wash your hands before you touch the piano’, which is understandable but we don’t really have many rules in our house haha.

Answer #24

puff puff pass no dubble hooting

Answer #25

No holding my gf’s hand in the house. Ah yes, holding hands. The ultimate way of transferring non-exsitant STDs.

Answer #26

i have the same thing ; ) the one end of the soofa is mine as its right beide the coimputer, so I can watch TV with my family and still do my computer work. No humans ever sits in my spot but the pets sure do.

Answer #27

I live with my grandma, and she doesn’t believe in pills, as in if you have a headache, she doesn’t believe in taking medication to help it go away. She likes things to be completely natural. So we have absolutely no pills in the house, nothing. So when I have cramps, headaches, stomach aches, etc.. She will tell me to lay down and eventually it will go away naturally. When I got braces a few years ago, she wouldn’t let me take the vicitin that they prescribed to me. It ticked me off so bad. Lol.

Answer #28

Obsessive compulsive in the house?

Answer #29

Sadly, there are no rules at my house. It is chaos..But a friend of my wife has the most screwed up unhealthy rule. She has like 5 kids. And her rule is that when they have lunch or dinner, none of the kids can’t leave the table until they eat all of the food on the plate. So, they will be like all full and can’t eat anymore and they will be there for like half an hour trying to finish. Shoving the food and almost gagging. And the mother and the father will be, “Common, you can do it, just one more bite, good boy!” That is abuse to me.

Answer #30

wash your feet before you go to my bed =)

Answer #31

When we were younger, it was ‘’No Harry Potter in the house.’’.. We had a lot of rules, but I don’t think any are unusual… my family has me convinced that we’re normal. lol

Answer #32

NO HARRY POTTER!???!!!!!!!????!!!!!!!???????

Answer #33

NO HARRY POTTER!???!!!!!!!????!!!!!!!???????

Answer #34

Room time :/

Answer #35

Don’t leave any clothing or anything on the floor or else the dogs just think it’s a invitation to come along and pee on it.

Answer #36

I have one of those spots two, I think my wife has the better spot. LOL

Answer #37

There is a unspoken rule of no junk food in the house, if you want to eat you have to prepare food.

Answer #38

We had that rule when I was growing up too.. but it was to teach us not to take more than we could eat so it wasn’t wasted

Answer #39

wipe off the girls sippy cups before i put them back in the fridge…lol

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