Period is late and I have been getting cramps every day, why?

Hey I belive I’m preggers with my boyfriend of 2 1/2 years, I took a pregnancy test this morning and it had two lines but one of them was faint the other was bold, what the heck does that mean? Also my period is late and I have been getting cramps every day, my doctors appointment is next week but I’m too nervous to wait do you think I could be pregnant?

Answer #1

Try a different test product and even if it’s negitive go to the doctors appointment just to make sure.

Answer #2

Nah,I’d wait it out. Between now and your appointment,you may get your period late. So Just wait it out until then.

Answer #3

try a different test?

Answer #4

try more tests.

Answer #5

If it had two pink lines you are pregnant. Why doesn’t anybody believe the tests? Holy I thought I was pregnant and took a test and now im 6 Months pregnant. Anyways just do not be scared. A baby is a wonderful thing. Congrats.

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