Unsocial again !!!?

I was so quiet and still quiet but for a while ago , I used to sit with people and try to talk as much as I can but suddenly I started to get back to the old me , and I hardly ever talk with friends ,,also I dont like to sit wiht people ? whats wrong ???

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People go through phases, and it can change with the seasons, the day of the week, even your moods.

You probably just need some reflection time - your mind is trying to tell you to stay quiet and listen for a little while.

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Your not a freak lol... Im like that, sometimes I think life would be so much simpler if we didnt bother with the whole social thing... I am like that... when I was younger, I used to make a lot of friends easily... but not anymore really, and I just cant help it... I just cant and you will only understand if you feel the same way. But I just think that that is who I am, I just not like that, it is so much hard work and bascically I find spending time with friends really hard work, it just isn't totally natural...

I would also prefer to be alone... especially at school sometimes. Before, you could have been making a REAL conscious effort... but when it comes down to it, you are who you are, and thats all good :D

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I don't know your just a freak. LOL jk you might stink or something

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