How do I unlock an XV6700 pocket pc? (I forgot the password)

Answer #1

Just google this and iam sure you will find a way………… 100percent gurantee

Answer #2

Would this happen to be the AudioVox pocket pc cell phone, etc.? I had one of those probably about 4 years or so ago.

If you somewhat recently got it, by the way, you might want to get one of the hard cases for it (yes, metal) - with the semi-thick plastic over the screen area. Also, watch out, if you don’t lock the phone, it might just call the last person whom you spoke with - and you not even know that it happened - espcially if you’ve got lots of things in your pocket, aside from the phone!

Regarding the password re-set: have you been syncing and/or backing up the phone with your USB cable, etc.? If you have, then you might want to go back to a previous point in time - to a previous backup. If you’ve got a lot on the 6700, and haven’t backed it up and/or synced it, then you’re not in a good way right now.

I’m trying to recall if the phone, either from the initial O/S installed on it, or from an upgrade to the O/S install, has the option for a password hint, or not. If it does, then you might wish to check on that. If not, you will need to restore or blast the thing back to factory settings - and never, ever, leave yourself in an unprotected situation like that ever again!!!!!!!!!!

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