Does anyone know anything about Unicode on word pad?

I tried typing something up really quick & just made the mistake of using word pad & before I got a chance to look & clicked the save as & it saved in some Unicode. When I tried to reopen the doc all I saw was question marks. Any advice on what I can do to save my work, for there was no time to even copy it elsewhere? :( Thanks in advance.

Answer #1

If you didn’t choose the right file type from the drop down menu when saving the file and all you have left is questions marks in the place of the special characters that you actually wanted there, your work is unfortunately lost and you will have to do it over again. When the document isn’t saved in a proper format, the special characters, in a sense, corrupt within the document.

You may use Unicode in WordPad, but if you decide to save the document, you have to select “Rich Text Format (RTF)” or “Unicode Text Document” for it to save properly. If you’re on an older computer system, there also may be a UTF-8 option that you can select.

In any case, I’m sorry that your work was lost. I hope that you have the chance to create your work again.

Take care.

Answer #2

thnx sweetie, unfort it was a poem & just off the top of my head, no copies nothing written on paper prior to, meaning all gone & lost forever! :( Maybe it simply wasnt meant to be kept! who knows?!
Sad..bcz I thought it was one of my best but I guess it’s gone & no use crying over spilled milk.

Thanks again.

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