How do u unflag a question?

I did it by accident

Answer #1

You could try sending a message to one of the admins.

Answer #2

Don’t worry about it - you would have to choose an option to flag it under for it to even flag, and even if you did choose an option, it takes more than one flag to make it do anything.

Answer #3

Yes I have done this by mistake, and felt pretty stupid.

Answer #4

Yeah I did to cuz I did it to ur question, sorry

Answer #5

Ok thx

Answer #6

LOL, I probably needed it, I am not only rude, but vulgar.

Answer #7

Well at least is was the one bout gettin ur wife a gift from her own spa!!! Lol

Answer #8

That probably needed to get flag, it may be a bad ideal. Here honey have a spa day at work. :)

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