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Can I get unemployment benefits if I got laid off after a month?

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In August, I got a job at BK only to get laid off shortly after.

I got this job from BK through an employment agency and BK told the employment agency that they were laying off workers bc they're suffering financially. BK also said that I'm one of them bc I yelled for a coworker to shoot me repeatedly.* That incident led my folks to believe I was fired after a month I got hired. (Haven't they heard of last in, first out?) If it were 100% me, why would they mention money at all? BK would not lie to an employment agency and the employment agency would not lie to me. Even the corporate girl at BK siad money is tight and they let go of several people. I suppose the corporate girl lied too, huh? Seriously, how do I convince my folks?

1) A manager had to commute between 2 stores because they had to cut back on management. 2) The people they hired for lawn service was let go. 3) I really need to get my folks on the same page with me so we could work things out.

Besides, the employment agency also had lots of clients who were laid off. A dine-in restaurant laid off 15 people on the same day. One of the guy was chosen bc he took five days off to get married w/o giving notice. He was partly responsible for his layoff and so am I. If the 2 restaurants had money, we'd both still be there.