Undressing my boy friend

I love my boy friend very much .he is handsome enough to attract me .
I want to see his naked body . but he feels shy how can I remove his clothes inorder to the beauty of his naked body . I have desire of seeing him naked .

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first take him to a room lock the room . then undress yourself . tell him to undress and tell that your going to have sex . if he dosen't listen then fuck him .

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You start undressing in front of hin and kiss him and tell him to kiss you . He'll surely get the mood . Then you start undressing him .

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Well, I think you should try to get him in the mood. Start kissing him and stuff and tell him you want to be skin on skin and you don't anything between you. Including clothes. Tell him you love him and let him know you won't be judgmental.

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OMG!!! thats sexy.. but if he's not ready yet, or if he feels uncomfortable with it, then keep your cravings for your self first.. lolz!

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If you really like him, you should see that this makes him feel uncomfortable. I think if you guys are really into each other, one day he'll be cool with showing you his body. Maybe now's not the time yet.

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He obviously isnt comfortable enough with you yet. How long have you two been dating?

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