Can I get pregnant while on my period?

Can a female get pregnant while on her period???

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im gonna say yes.

but im also gonna say the chances are low because your releasing an egg.

also if you have sex on your period like right before it starts to get heavy, or right before it ends its the same as if you didnt have your period.

so basically..

wear a condom and go on birth control.

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Yes you can.

There is a certain window during your period that you are less likely to become pregnant, but in order to be entirely certain of when- you would have to be fertility charting - that is taking your basal body temperature and checking your cervical mucous for months to find out when during your cycle you are fertile and ovulating. (don’t forget, sperm can live inside the vagina for 72 hrs - 3 days.)

There are many programs online that help you with fertility charting, both to know when to abstain from sex to avoid a pregnancy to when to have sex to conceive.

xox Sika

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i b-lev its possible to get pregnant no matta wat hun!!

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