How can i get a boyfriend?

okay im 15 years old and I've NEVER EVER BEEN asked out, and please dont say im too young, im nice, I dont find myself attractive, but some people do, but I just cant get a aboyfriend.

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First of all, don't set a goal to GET a boyfriend. It may make you seem to full on and desperate. You will get one in good time. I'm 13 and I've been single for 18 months but I don't care. Boys keep looking at me recently, I have no clue why, I don't think it's a sign though ¬¬ I'm in the same boat as you really ^^ Don't settle for the first guy that comes along, wait for someone that you really truly click with. If you end up with your first guy, then he turns out to be a jerk or the total opposite to what you thought he was, your going to want out, then you might regret going out with him. So wait for the right one, get to know him and spend time with him, but not so much that you can actually predict his every move. I think it's nice to know somethings about them, but not all, that means you can find out more and more about him each day :3 Message me back, we can give eachother tips!

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you should'nt feel like you need a guy to be happy, yeah its awesome being able to say my boyfriend and I are going to this, but since you haven't been in a relationship yet you might become to attached just keep things casual and be outgoing.

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hi I was exactly like you never had a fella didnt find myself good lucking but one day a fella told me he liked me it takes time and who knows someone prob does like you but is nervous to tell you !!

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oh yea theyre rite bout the confidence
I seen so many pretty girls
bt I still act like im the best
im conceited and for me if I act like it
people will start to see me how I see me
since you act like your ugly people will see you like that even if your nt
you get me?

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I agree with vombrett. confidence is key. Think that you are pretty and smart and a good catch, enjoy yourself with your friends, smile and act like the happy, confident, attractive person you want to be. Boys will be flooding over you because they see how you feel!! x

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stop trying and thinking bout it
just live your life be urself
make new friends of both sex
itll work
stop bein so desperate
I have guys of all ages asking me out since I was 10
im 14 now and only had 5 bfs
and im just myself and get to know them all and pick the one I wanna be with
and just to let you know bfs aint all that
a lot of problems come with bein a girlfriend

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