Does any think fake uggs suck?

Does any think fake uggs suck? If not tell me y?

Answer #1

as long as there real swayed there good. I luv them cause there like walking in slippers all day . buy the cheap ones though cause even though they are comfy and a lot of people are wearing them, I dont think its worth the cost at all. its not like there water proof or anything.

Answer #2

all uggs suck, They are ugly as hell, made from skinned sheep (yes they had to kill the animal to get the skin not just sheer it) and there are so many more cheaper animal friendly boots out there I really don’t understand the obsession with them.

Answer #3

they SUCK. the furs not real, and theres a lot less of it. there BLAH

Answer #4

Uhmmm I completely disagree with the above.

I have real uggs but I hardly wear them I prefer the fakes, because they’re FAKE. I feel like I’m walking on an animal, it’s disgusting to me.

Although real uggs are warm, some fakes are warmer, if they aren’t they’re just as warm as uggs.

OH and fakes are also CHEAPER.

When you pay for an ugg all your paying for is the brand name… Pretty pointless…

Answer #5

the fake ones are called ‘mugg boots’ LOL, the real ones are the way forward ;) x

Answer #6

Real UGGS rox your sox! There is nothing better. Thet are expensive, but they last a looong time. I’ve had mibe for two years and there still perfect! BUY UGGS!

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