Ugg boots, love them or hate them?

what do you think about the ugg boots? You see them everywhere nowadays. Do you like them or hate them?

Answer #1

don’t like them but I like wedge heeled soft boots like candies brand : )

Answer #2

I don’t know. they look kinda ugly. but I must say, they DO look sorta comfy, even tho I wold never wear em! lol

Answer #3

absolutly hate them if no one else wore it, everyone would hate them too since when did girls in california dress like they live in alaska? they’re huge, clunky, furry, and awkward wedge heeled sandals are way cuter!

Answer #4

They’re really annoying because everyone wears them and I think they look stupid but I’ve never tried them so maybe I’m missing something.

Answer #5

I think they are alright… some of them aren’t the most attractive (in my opinion) whether it be the way their soles look, or the color they are… I do think they are a bit over priced, aswell. But they are very warm… just not very supportive.

Answer #6

They were everywhere 20 years ago…they are comfy and warm…love ‘em!!!

Answer #7

hate them


Answer #8

I absolutely LOVE them I even have a pair from australia

Answer #9

I love ‘em. :)

Answer #10

…they’re called “UGG” for a reason.

Answer #11

they’re so cutee. I love them but I dont have them

Answer #12


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