Does anyone know what type of file this is?

it's an audio and I need to convert it to mp3 or any other sort of playable file? Pardon the name of the file.

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I've been trying to but nothing will show up, I'm not entirely sure why I don't have that option.

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Did it download correctly? That is weird.

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Yup, I was recorded from my phone then transferred it from my phone to my laptop through Bluetooth.

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What phone do you have?

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Right click the file and hit "Properties". Beneath the name of the file you'll see a section that says "File type". That would be the answer you're looking for. xD

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Right click on the filename, then click properties on the drop down menu.
It should tell you the file type.

can someone lead me to this file?
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Oddly enough I don''t have a File Type ora drop down menu D:.

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Does this happen or help?

Most people seem to be having problems getting music from their computer to the phone.

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Oo I think I'm having similar problems to that, except mine's a recording. So Thanks :D

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just hover over it and it will tell you the type.

normally when an audio file is like that its either broke, you dont have the media player to play it and/or the correct codec.

the fix, download vlc media player as it plays everything and if its still doesnt play them id start thinking about redownloading the file.

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Janicee, if you still haven't identified the file type yet, here's one way you might be able to: Create an account on a temporary file-sharing (or "one-click hosting") site, like (no account necessary), and upload the file to it. The site will give you a URL for the file, and might have you create a password for it. Post the URL here, and the password if there is one, and maybe one of us will be able to download it and figure it out.

If you're unable to post links here, just type or paste in the URL *without* the h-t-t-p://w-w-w at the beginning.

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I agree - That is excellent thinking.

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this is funadvice not funsendmeyouurlandilldothedirtywork.

no thanks

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@Matt - the advice given so far has not enabled the OP to solve the problem. The procedure outlined by "trenth" involves the OP doing a moderate amount of work - after which I have no doubt that many of us will be able to identify the relevant file type at a glance - hardly "dirty-work". But of course, there is no need for you to waste your precious time and efforts if you don't want to. Others will no doubt be happy to oblige.

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