Does anyone on here have a twin?

Does anyone on here have a twin? if you do then do you like it

Answer #1

I have a twin brother, I don’t think its the same cus im a girl…lol, were obviously not identical, were fraternal twins..theres one thing I don’t like being a twin..and thats when people label you as either one is an angle and the uther one is a demon from which is sooo not truu, but I do kinda like it cus I label myself to b the good twin :D

Answer #2

I have a twin sister haha, we’re identical but now that we’re grown up we don’t look alike. I’m the oldest twin though, by like 90 minutes, my poor mother lol. I do like having a twin, she’s my other half and one of my bestfriends even though she’s beyond irritating lol :)

Answer #3

I have a twin sister, and I love her to death. We’re fraternal twins. When we were little my mom dressed us alike and we wore our hair the same, so we looked quite a bit alike.

We’re almost 60, and we’re still very close.


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