Twin babies?

Do twins have anything to do with genetics?

thanks. :)

Answer #1

usually, if your mum or dad are twins, or anyone in their close family are, and you and your siblings are not, your babies are likely to be :D how come?

Answer #2

Actually it has a lot to do with genetics

Answer #3

There are NO twins in my family and I don’t think my sisters husband has any either and my sister and her husband had twins.

Answer #4

I’ve actually heared that it is :)

Answer #5

Twins has a lot to do with genetics. One family that already has twins has a higher chance of having more (within the entire family). But anybody can have them, it’s all a matter of luck to see which egg is going to split.

Answer #6

genetics do play a factor but I think its only for paternal (dizigotic) twins as the causes of monozigotic (identical) twinning is unknown. Dizygotic twinning where two seperate oocytes are fertilized is also more likely with older women as there is more chance of abnormal ovulation.

Answer #7

yeah, I think it skips a generation.

Answer #8

I don’t think so. Iam a first in my and my husband’s family who having identical twins. So it’s just a luck

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