twilight, eragon,or neither

twilight, eragon,or neither

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none, I saw both and Eragon is kinda better than Twilght in produccion and special effects, the Eragon book is also better than the Twilight ones. FYI the Twilight Movie sucked a lot,

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twilight for sure

Answer #4

twilight is a great book. the movie is not so great when you get a novel written so well its hard to really make a movie out of it, but they should have definetly picked a better author. I’ve never read eragon but twilight is really good

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But if had to choose it would be Twilight.

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Answer #9

Mmm, Eragon. Movie was bad though, even though Eragon looked fiiine.

Answer #10

neither :)

Answer #11

are you all dumb… ERAGON IS CLEARLY A BETTER BOOK!!! twilight is just way to girly for me

Answer #12

I would say the Eragon books are way better than twilight, but twilight as a movie was better than the eragon movie. (Although I did like how they did Saphira in the movie)

Answer #13

I would go with Twilight even tho I havent watched it the preveiws look better than the film eragon.

So go with twilight.


Answer #14

I read Twilight series and the Eragon series books and loved them both.. But for the movies, Twilight kicked Eragon’s but! lol

but I love TWILIGHT!!!

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