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Twilight (book vs movie)

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To all of the twilight lovers out there...

The movie "twilight" is comming out on december 12th staring kristen stewart as bella swan and robert pattenson as edward cullen.

What do you think about robert pattenson for playing the role of edward cullen in the movie twilight?

What do you think about the movie in general? Do you think it will be good or do you think it will ruin the book?

--- I personally feel that there is no way that the movie can be as good as the book was. But I am really hopein that the movie wont let me down... As for the choice of robert pattenson as edward cullen... I dont know if he was the 'best' choice but I also dont think that anyone could actually play the role of edward cullen considering how perfect stephanie meyer described him as.---

Let me know what ya think. =]