Tv show house or degrassi?

Tv show house or degrassi. Which do you prefer?

Answer #1

I looove deghrassie I watch house 2 but degrassie rocks its world. :D.

Answer #2


OMG I love that Show!!

He is so funny with his Jokes!!! you really have to think about them :) Thats why I like it

Plus he is such a A$$ HA!

Answer #3

I’m a HUGE Degrassi<333 fan! & I miss ellie . Shane kippel [ spinner / gavin ] is my man!!! :]

Answer #4

Degrassi fan 4evv <3 Lol I miss sean & emma (:

Answer #5

degrassi faaan over here=]

Answer #6


Answer #7

DEGRASSI!!! I can whach degrassi for hours and I never get sick of it

Answer #8

House is awesome!!!

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