Does the TV show, Gossip Girl, have a bad influence on late teens/young adults minds?

Answer #1

Hell No :O I love Gossip Girl <3

Answer #2

i love it too! but so many people say its a bad influence, i was just wondering what people here thought =)

Answer #3

If the young adult has any common sense, it shouldn’t have a bad influence on them.

Answer #4

It is my opinion that yound adults should know better than following bad examples they see on TV . I certainly don’t blame the show.

Answer #5

honestly, i did a persausive essay on this. how the media can badly influence teens. and even though i LOVE gossip girl, when you sit down and think about it … it does badly influence teens. there always doing drugz & having s3x. (i dunno if we’re allowed to type that) & all these other things. and it first started when they were in high school.. and jenny was like 12? when she first started the show.. but you get what i’m saying?

Answer #6

BUT whose evers watching should be mature enough not to follow what they see on teevee

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