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what is the fastest way to turn on my girl friend??

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I like it when my boyfriend takes his finger and runs it on my stomach down low like the lines on my stomach leading to my stuff for lack of a better word lol but yah in like a "u" shape under my bellybutton

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I like it when my boyfriend holds me by my hips from behind and kisses my neck. I also like when he starts kissing my neck then goes down my body. My number one turn on spot is when we are kissing and touches my stuff...lol. thats amazing. Another thing is when he sticks his hands up my shirt and is kissing my neck.

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well I like it when my boyfriend does his fingers lightly on my neck down my chest across my stomach down my thigh and he will squeeze my inner thigh !!!
that always gets me going

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Well different girls like different things. You can try brushing lightly against her thighs while caressing her neck with ur tong. If that don’t work u could always play wit her clitoris. But the #1 thing is romances, which always work get kinky.

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well, when my boyfriend kisses my neck and runs his hand down my neck all the way to my thighs it turns me on.
or, holding me from behind and moving my hair and kissing my neck

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Well I am a girl and the fastest way to turn me on would be holding me close to your body like huging me from behind and kissing my neck. But that might just be me but you might want to try it.

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I love when my boyfriend kiss along my neck, and holding me around the waist from behind. Dont know why but just having his hands there on my hips, or in the belt loops makes me melt.

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Me and my mates experiment with this kind of stuff. And the ones that come out most certain on boy or girl all tiem time are:
Nibble there neck
Kiss the corner of the jaw bone
gently scratch their shoulders
gently scratch and glide your finger down their spine
kiss their hip bone
Glide your finger from coner of their jaw bone down the neck and across their collar bone
and this one has worked on nearly everyone I've tried it on, both thumbs on the inside bit under their belly button just a lil under their underwear away from eachother, I asked every guy and girl this when I tried this only one said it didnt do anything for them


but it really does depend on the girl

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I'm a girl and I totally get turned on when my boyfriend sucks on my inner thigh... and I totally love it when he is behind me and kisses my neck and holding my hips, also sucking on the ear and the neck gently really gets me going.

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For me it's like when a guy just wraps his arms around your waist and kisses around your neck and or bites your neck...... :)

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Some girls like to have their hair pulled...mine does anyway ^^

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I get turne on when My boyfriend like Holds me close to him from behind and puts his head on my shoulder and moves his hands around my waist and move my hips close to him and then kisses my neck. That really gets me going. x

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