Trying to concieve

any advice??? does anyone know of any fertile drugs to help have been trying for a while any advice??

Answer #1

go and talk to your doctor…they will know better than anyone else

Answer #2

smiles brightly at you and gives you a hug

Ok you totally need to avoid caffeine,smoking,alcohol,anything that could damage your chance.

Please tell me your over 18 Taps foot

Honey,strawberries,fruits,tomatoes,PRENATAL VITAMINS WILL FOR SURE INCREASE YOUR CHANCES,take one everyday.

Do not have rough sex

missionary position is the key Man on top of woman

when he goes inside of you DO NOT GET UP lay there for at least 30mins or just go to sleep on your back.

pulling your legs over your head works this is like a slide for the sperm to go down the cervix

Hugs you bye

Need anymore help just ask

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