Someone said something REALLY mean to me in my truthbox. Is there some type of code to find out who said it? I REALLY want to know.


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Report it.
But you decided to add truth box, you should have thought of the outcome.
The whole point of it is so that people can tell you their feelings about you, and the minute you added truth box, you agreed to accept people's comments.

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I know that "miasariasssi"

they THREATENED me and said they wished certain things would happen to me.

so dont answer my question if your answering it with an answer I dont want.

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That didn't even make sense. I've been threatened and cyber-bullied many times by people at my school. When you go on the internet, you are taking the chance that you will be harassed. The whole thing about the truth box is that it's anonymous, which may not be helpful in this situation. What you could do is report it to myspace that you have been cyber-bullied. And see if they can figure out who did it.

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There is a way to find out who posted it.

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There is a way to see who wrote in your truth box...

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your still able to report it on facebook,myspace, depending what your using.
they are able to link the ip adress.

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No. The truth box is drama waiting to happen. Not everyone is going to love you and you need to learn to except that.

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nope,everything on it is private
theres no possible way to find out who wrote it
just like you cant find out who veiwed your profile
the whole point of it is to send secret messages
obviously when you put it up you need to realise that people will send you both ggood and bad, and you may even be bullied and sent hurtful comments
but theres no way to find out who said them
and if you dont like it, simply disable truthbox
because theres really nothing else you can do

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