What are good truth or dare questions?

Does anyone have ANY good truth or dare questions???


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wedgie game,
pick a number for different types of wedgies and whatever number they pick that is what they have to recieve from the other person

other numbers can be like wear a thong with it in the style of the nineties

very high on the sides ^

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I always thought that truith and dare was an excuse to get to experiment with girls, doing stuff, that usually would take much more effort. They all seemed to think the same too, though.

Fun Truth or Dare Questions for an All-Girls Sleepover?

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mix lots of gross stuff and have them drink it...I once won $30 for drinking a tea cup of 3 diff kinds of coffee, milk, and coke..it was gross but whatever..I like money and it wasn't a really large amount to drink.

What are good nicknames for "Heather"?
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"How long have you been a victim of self abuse"?

Whats a good nickname for 'colton'?

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you should dare the person to french kis the person next to them

Anyone got any good comebacks to anything
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ask them to do a clothes switch with somebody in the room like pants or shirts

good nicknames for a guy named cody?

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ask a girl next to you if she ever had to would she masterbate

What's a good nickname for a boy named matt?
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Ask a girl if she were a guy which girl in the room she would date.

good nick name for a guy named chad?

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Whats a good nickname for the name Nathan?
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Lick the person closest to your right on the neck

What's a good nickname for Jennifer?
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STREAKING! Obviously a Truth or Dare cliche, but does it get any better than watching your best friend's white as* disappear around the corner?

What are some good nicknames for rachel?
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some dirty dares like you cand dare som e1 2 hump someone naked or you can strip for a 1 hr or you can have a 3 some why no sh*t like that

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