How much trust do you have on your memory?

Answer #1

I trust my memory fully. I have a pretty damn good memory.

Answer #2

i have an awful memory,unless i write something down ill forget it,sometimes ill sit thinking for a couple minutes wondering if im suppost to be going out today or if its tomorrow ect.

Answer #3

I’m testing mine right now, and I suck, lol.

Answer #4

I don’t think I want to even begin to name how many times I have forgotten things at hand… :/

Answer #5

I don’t put any trust in mine. I have such a horrible memory and its completely annoying. I have to write things down constantly, set alarms for when i need to do something, have my husband call and remind me, etc. If i dont do atleast one of these things….i will never remember.

Answer #6

I feel your pain… Only I forgot what it feels like now :/

Answer #7

It’s awful, lol. I’m even beginning to forget the meanings of certain words now.

Answer #8

I forgot what I was going to say to this, lol. I honestly did x)

Answer #9

I dont trust it as much as i should

Answer #10

I have an exam in two hours. I don’t feel a lot of trust in my memory right now.

Answer #11

best of luck :) xx

Answer #12

100 pecent trust in my memory :)

Answer #13

I can tell you mine works best at that time… :)

Answer #14

I put 100% trust in the storing of my memories however, the recall, not so much. The brain never forgets…you just have to be able to pull the memories back out, that is the hard part.

Answer #15

I’d say I have about 50% trust in my memory. I double check everything I do, sometimes I check even more times. This way I know it’s done properly. Sometimes I even write it down. xD

Answer #16

Depends on what we’re talking about. I guess I have kinda selective memory :P If I’m talking about school.. Bleh. If we are talking about pretty much anything else, I have the best memory ever! :D

Answer #17

i’d like to say i have a good memory, but looking at my school marks…maybe my memory isnt so good :P

Answer #18

I Have Short Term Memory Loss Due To Perimenopause… I For Get Where I Parked The Car.. What Day It Is. But I Don’t ‘ Forget How To Bake. I Don’t Even Use A Recipe! I Can Remember Things 40 Years Ago But Like I Forget Appts. How To Get “Somewhere Different..I Don’t Forget How To Drive Or Dress Myself.. That Is Alzheimers.

Answer #19

my short term memory is shot to hell:(

Answer #20

depends on the situation. For everyday events, not at all. for school/everyday routine normally none, i forget what i am doing all the time… while i am doing it. i get to tests and blank. i commonly cant think of the right words. For signifigant events there are very few moments in my life i remember in perfect clarity (literally 6 differnt times - thats it).

Answer #21

I have a fantastic memory. I’m better at remembering ‘things to do/go’ than things that happened in the past that have no significance to me. I don’t tend to remember random things that don’t matter, but my sister has a photographic memory and can remember very very insignificant things years on from when they happened. Like, for example, If I said to her ‘hey remember that time I brought that packet of gum at that shop 4 years ago?’, she would be able to tell me the day of the week, probably the date, the time (roughly, like ‘1:30pm’), what the shop assistant’s name was (if he was wearing a tag), what he looked like, what was in the newspaper’s headlines at the front of the shop, what we were wearing, and what we ended up having for dinner that night… and the night after. She’s quite extraordinary.

Answer #22

I would say I have a pretty good memory especially when it comes to what someone said in the past. And I get good school grades. :)

Answer #23

Prob. 87% trust in my memory. ;D

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