is it true if a person can say bad words to you?

like if you didint do nothing to the person and he comes up and says bad words to you a friend of mine said freedom of spech i can say anything even curse words to you. and im like isnt that harassment

Answer #1

Cussing at a person is not exactly harassment….you can’t have a person charged just because they used a bad word against you. If they were threatening you - that’s a different story.

Answer #2

Its only harassment if you threaten a person with your words. Simply cursing at them cant get the cops called at them, threatening to injure them or their life and yes, you can be charged with harassment.

Answer #3

Harassment is defined as behaviour which is found to be threatening or disturbing. It covers a lot of areas, really. I wouldn’t call this harassment unless she does this continuously, however, and is trying to hurt you (emotionally/physically).

In any case, if this is going on in school, just let someone know that it’s happening. A teacher or principal could talk to her and let her know that her behaviour isn’t acceptable there.

Answer #4

Cussing is one thing. Threatening you is completely different and verbal sexual harassment is a no, no.

Answer #5

That freakin Freedom of speech has it’s cost, when used against you ,try not to partake of “ judging others” mood some are in and remember , “ every idle word will be accounted for “ , so don’t add to it and forgive, for they are ignorant.

Answer #6

You can say anything you want to - if you can live with the echo.

I mean, if your friend keeps saying bad words to you, he’ll have to live with your being pi**ed off. If he says bad words to people, he’ll have to live with people’s reaction. If he does’nt care what other folks think about him or wether they like him, yes, then he’s free to say anything he wants to say.

But if he wants to be liked, he should show more respect for other peoples’ feelings.

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