Is it true what people say about Apple computers being hacked?

and windows computer computers are safer

Answer #1

Yes Apple Computers can be hacked, and that always has been the case.
It has been fairly common knowledge that it can be done for nearly three years:

As far as I am aware it is not true that Windows computers are safer, and I very much doubt that that would be the case, but both Apple and Windows systems become very much more vulnerable as soon as a security flaw is discovered and made publicly known (usually unofficially and sometimes maliciously so).

In principle it is always possible to hack any computer that can be accessed by any human via it’s own user interface, and it can in principle be done from any other computer that it is (or has been) directly or indirectly linked to in order to exchange data (even if the legitimate user_/_owner of the computer was unaware that any data exchange was occurring at the time.

The only computers that cannot be hacked are computers that are turned off or otherwise totally disabled. A computer that has no external data connection can nevertheless the “infected” by a stealth data logging routine athat stores data such as every keystroke made by legitimate or other users, for later surreptitious retrieval either from the same keyboard, or remotely from another data system including, but not only restricted to, ANY other conventional computer. It is almost trivially simple to insert “breakout boxes” into hard wired network links (including Internet connections) to read and record every data item exchanged. The same can be done with radio receivers that listen in to log the wireless data streams exchanged by wi-fi / blue tooth / etc. enabled devices.

However, both Apple and Windows computers are in practice very secure if you use the proper safety measures including up to date ‘patches’, and it takes a lot of knowledge and determination to successfully hack either if they are kept up to date and protected by normal security software.

– Best wishes - Majikthise.

Answer #2

Abosluetly not true

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