Is it true that if men aren't breast fed as infants, they grow up to be obsessed with breasts?

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i heard its the other way around.. if they were breast fed then they are obsessed

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In most primates the buttocks are the main sexually attractive body part. Since humans evolved a more upright stance our buttocks are not as prominent as most other primates. Since humans interact face to face the buttock attraction has transferred to the breasts. Human breast size serves no other function than to attract mates; large breasts do not produce more milk. Men are obsessed with breasts due to evolution not diet.

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Nope. Between 0.1% and 10% of all men (depending on whose statistics you believe) are gay, asexual or have a less common sexual orientation like, for example, a fetish. And these are not obsessed with breasts. No matter what food they had as an infant.

The rest of mankind is either attracted to or obsessed with female breasts in differing severity. But the infants contact to his mothers breast does not usually influence the grade of obsession. There were, however, some scientists in the early days of psychology who broke down everyones personality faults to inhibiting sexual appetites and evil childhood experiences.
These teaching are mostly obsolete since a couple of decades now. Yet they were important in the development of psychological science and will still be found in many libraries.

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I think guys just like breasts..... regardless how they were fed as a child.

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lmfao i wasnt breast fed but im not obsessd it prob jus depends on ur sex drive is is stront then yea wer gna lik it but the older the less id say

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If they suck their mom's breast when they were children, they would also love to suck breasts of other women when they grow up. It is all habit, ingrained in their sub-conscious.

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If you would like my input?, I was breastfed and to be perfectly honest breasts arent that appealing to me

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That's one androcentric (male-oriented) theory about pneumatic breasts, popularized by Desmond Morris in "The Naked Ape," but it's not a very good one in my opinion. Here are some others, centered on the mother-child relationship rather than on what makes men randy (which is too highly variable by culture to be able to account for species evolution):

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