Is it true that most italian men are gay?

Is it true that italians started the whole gay thing?

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No the Greeks invented it before the Italians got round to it.
It was virtually compulsory in ancient Greece, and women were more or less banned except for the purpose of of making more baby boys.

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May I ask where you heard that? Also no one started the *gay thing* whatever that is supposed to mean. Being gay has been around as long as humans have been around and is a sexual preference, not a trend.

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Actually homosexuality has been around since mammals have evolved. Humans have had this sexual preference since being "cavemen". Back in the days before the church came, homosexuality did not have the stigma as it does now. So many cultures were perfectly fine with it, and practice it. The most common example would be the Greeks. Before going into war, many of the soldiers would "make love" to the other soldiers, since this created stronger bonds between the men. My question is, where did you hear that most Italian men are homosexual?

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So gay is not just a ban wagon everyone is getting on. lol

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Have you ever heard of sodom and gomorrah in the Bible, this was quit a long time ago, and as stated in this post homosexuality has been around for a long time.

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Actually it started a little after humans were first around (there was only one man and one woman - so they couldn't be gay) :P

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I thought all Italians were Mafia members and started the whole Mafia. No wait, it have the Chinese Mafia too. Anyway, the whole gay thing was invented by a gay man where ever he may be and whenever he may be. It was even mentioned in the bible in the book of Genesis which i believe was the beginning. So basically, if u don't like Italians just say so and don't look for excuses for other people to hate them unless you are the person who fell for that trick.

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Oh, I got this pop up on line that said, Believe it or not, Most Gay Men are Italian! I was like...what?

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So it wasn't Adam and Steve :)

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How about Ana and Eve.

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lol nope but eve must have been pretty hot if all these hotties came from her. Adam was one lucky guy...well until the whole forbidden fruit stunt she pulled on him.

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hahaha and being gay was around before! humans, all mammals have some individuals that are gay and bi

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maybe that's how Dinosaurs went extinct -of course that explains it!

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lmfao, probably!

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We don't know exactly when homosexuality started, but we know it was sometime between Genesis chapters 6 and 19.

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That is why so many were all called xxxxx-sore-arse
like bronto-sore-arse; and tyranno-sore-arse.

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That is why so many were all called xxxxx-sore-arse like bronto-sore-arse; and tyranno-sore-arse.

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haha I getcha maybe so!

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Sorry - This comment tagged onto wrong answer !

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i live in an atalian area and i am too
people think so because they pay alot of time on the way they look but no because there gay

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yea I know lol

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Yes. A lot of greek men and egyptian men in acient times were gay becasue they viewed women as inferior and they felt they werent worthy of women.

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