Is it true that by eating raw food one will not get health problems?

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No, it might make you more healthy yes but still it doesn't mean you wont have any health issues.

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putrefactive bacteria in the colon might increase, and with this increase so also did the odiferousness of the stool increase along with the appearance of aches and pains.

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Like Mackenzie said, it does not mean you will not get sick or won't have any health problems. Eating healthier just means you are less likely to get health problems.

Raw foods specifically are often healthier than cooked foods as heat often destroys some nutrients. A prime example is Vitamin C which is destroyed by heat.

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Although, I have just read, that there are some health benefits to cooking foods as well, as some foods are better absorbed when cooked. So in this case it would depend on the way in which it is cooked and also the length of time etc etc. So I guess the best way would be to eat things like fruits and vegies in both a raw and cooked state so that different nutrients can be obtained.

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