Ok so I just read that on the new season of americas next top model there will be a transgender competeing so I just wanted to know what everyone thought about it…I really think its awsome for the people who have dreams but dont think they can go thru with them because of who they are…

Answer #1

I like the fact that they actually put someone who isnt like every other model in there however its more of a publicity stunt I think I really dont think the transgender person will win the show and im not sure if there trying to make a point or not because if its an all woman competition, that person isnt going to win unfortunatly because the people who chooose models can be very superficial I think there doing it to

  1. make more people watch the show, thats the first thing then maybe that no matter who you are you can still follow your dreams but really more of a publicity stunt because I doubt the person will win there just throwing them in there just like fashion magazines will somethimes throw in bigger girls to keep some of the readers happy
Answer #2

I think its horrible… its like having some guy act mentally ill and competing in the special olympics

Answer #3

blazeit, you should be ashamed of yourself.

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