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Transferring into Virginia Tech

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Im a sophmore in HS now and I've had my heart set on VT since freshman year. However, I only have a 3.0 now, because I had no motivation to do well freshman year. My grades have progressed very much though since then. I am also EXTREMLY active in EC's community service. With that, I have accepted the fact that in not going to get in out of high school, because I cant get my GPA up to a 3.7 in a year and a half. so does going to a not-so-great university, or Community college look better for transfering after a semester or a year, or 2 at the most. Also, I know about Richard Bland College in VA. And I have 2 cousins there now and 1 that graduated a few years ago, who is very active in alumni activities. And my neighbors brother works there as the head of some department, and she said she would try to have him, have them (admissions) to try and accept me. And im not a VA. resident. So, what would a better/quicker way of transferring? and would head of departments (other than admissions) have any pull on admitting someone?