How do you train your kittens without going to the vet?

Answer #1

If you are talking about litter training there is really nothing involved. When they are about 6 weeks old all you need to do is show them where the litter box is and sit them in it. After that they will automatically use it :)

Answer #2

And if they happen to poop anywhere else just pick it up and put it in the litter box and make sure they see you do it.

Answer #3

Brandi has the general idea. But it takes a lot more then just sitting them in it. When they start doing stuff that’s too much for mama cat to clean, it’s gonna be around the home, what you do is take them to where the poopy/peed, show them, and then immediately take them to the little box. Repeating that until they learn is key

Answer #4

I trained mine by waiting until my mama cat went in, then I gathered mine and made them watch her, which they did, and they got the general idea, then I would put them in so they could smell it, and I took their front paws and dug. Shortly after they used the litter box with no problems. Just be gentle.

Answer #5

if yhuur talkin about a litter box see where dey are goin toilet in the house lik ina corner or something den just put de litter box der den he/she will start doin it in the litter bo

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