Tounge rings sexy or trashy?

Tounge rings sexy or trashy?

Answer #1

I have a tongue ring and I’m not trashy at all. I have morals and goals in life. when I got my tongue ring, it felt liberating.

Answer #2

sexy. I think people with disgusting minds thinks it’s trashy if they wasnt thinknig that way it would be normal some people do it to take pics with their tounges out like Gene Simmons (KISS) but his tounge isnt pierced.. you get what im sayin lol

Answer #3

Tongue piercings don’t make you a d*ck sucker… that’s stupid beyond anything. They’re self expression, not sex appeal things.

Answer #4

I think they are trashhhy. I think so because tongue rings are usually used to assist in oral sex and make it better for the guy, therefore that is pretty trashy.

Answer #5

people say that if you get your tongue pierced, its just for you 2 give better head so yehhh…they’re kinda trashy but if you wanna b a dick sucker, they’re sexy ; D lol its your choice though…other people’s opinions shouldnt matter

Answer #6

what she said…but also depends on the girl too…if the girl is already trashy looking then it’ll just make them look more trashy…if your gonna go with a tongue ring then dont have an eyebrow ring because that will look horrible.

Answer #7

There’s nothing trashy or sexy about ANY piercing. Piercings aren’t supposed to be got to look “sexy”. You should get them because YOU want them. Guys and girls can have any piercings they want and they can have however many they want. They don’t make you look any more or less attractive than you already are and have nothing to do with your sexual orientation or what kind of person you are. You CAN still get a job whether your piercings/tattoos are visible or not, so if someone says otherwise they’re wrong. Piercings are forms of body art and self expression and there’s nothing wrong with them at all.

Answer #8

To parents,it’s trashy,but most teenagers,it’s sexy.But I think it’s trashy,sorry.Try a bellybellon ring.I think it’s sexy!!!

Answer #9


Answer #10

SEXY . I have one :)

Answer #11

A agree widd dem bothh(: buhh I tinkk it sexxxy.

Answer #12

sexxy it it’s a girl

Answer #13

Thank you very much cheerleader51. It’s always good to hear someone say they’re a fan of your advice. Thanks for the respect. :)

Answer #14

A7X parade is right on it. I totally agree with you A7X. I agree with you most of the time when you answer peoples questions. I respect you for that.

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