Top Science Colleges in the US (Nuclear Phy)

ya so what are the top Nuclear Physics and engeneering colleges in the USA? I know OSU has their own experimental reactor. BUT thats just about it.

PS-I know I proll spelled that all wrong, I cant spell.

Answer #1

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Answer #2

Most large colleges have an experimental reactor, like 3-5 MW. I work in the power industry, so I can answer how I got to where I am, and what my progress will be. Note I don’t actually recommend my path, but it does work. The real question you need to ask yourself is what part of this are you getting into. You can either work on designing reactors, or you can work on the physics of the reactor. There are related, but two completely different degrees. MIT is one of the top colleges in the country for damned near everything. I know University of Michigan has a good engineering school, as well as Michigan Tech, California Polytecnic institute(cal poly), and the US Naval Academy. I am sure there are many, many more as well. email me if you want/need more information.

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