What are the top 3 things in life that are difficult to figure out?

Answer #1
  1. What is our purpose in life, if it all omes full circle?
  2. If God created all things, who created God?
  3. Why does evil exist?
Answer #2
  1. Love
  2. Math
  3. How spongebob can start fires underwater.
Answer #3

Lol that’s funny

Answer #4
  1. Intelligent design
  2. Sleep and all of it’s purposes
  3. How paper beats rock
Answer #5
  1. how you can love someone and them not love you back
  2. how McDonalds is supposedly ‘bad’ now.
  3. is it tomorrow in japan
Answer #6

Hahaha the third one was funny =)

Answer #7
  1. How one can be so madly in love with someone one day & then shut it off entirely another, as if it never happened!(the one you love)
  2. How someone can betray the one person they swore to never hurt yet do just that without a blink of an eye!(can be family, friend or a spouse)
  3. How greedy people can be putting money, power & prestige before anything else in life while stepping over everyone & anyone in sight!(anyone, spouse, family or friends)

I will never get it!

Answer #8

love your own meaning of life were you belong to me those are all hard for every individual eprson to figure out for themselves

Answer #9

Look inside ur heart & it shall guide you to where you need to be at the right time!

Answer #10

your intelligence/knowledge is so attractive.

Answer #11

Why thank you Matty(/blushes)♥

Answer #12

In order for there to be “Good” in the world there must also be “Evil” one cannot exist without the other. It is the balance of life. If there were no Evil, there would (philosophically) be no good. You cannot define one without the existence of the other. Ok…lemme try to rephrase that a bit. Even in the face of evil, there are still some good things to be found, and without the presence of evil in society, the good would never be seen.

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