How can i gain some weight?

hi there, I hate my body, I have tried everything to put weight on, I always eat loads of food, and I have tried weight gain supplements! I started going to the gym but it made me lose more weight! this is affecting my confidence in a big way! if anyone can help I would be very greatful

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Here's some info:

Good luck !!

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alright dude you sound like me im 17 6'3 and way 165 and ive only gained 15 pounds since i was 14 and ive grown about a foot and a half since then also.. ( my point is dont let it keep you down youll gain wait and get bigger eventually)
(hope it helps!!)

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Im not sure of your age but I know when I was young I struggled for years to put on weight. My clothes literally hung on my skeletal frame even though I ate like a horse. The one thing that fixed the problem was puberty. Once I hit 16 I started to gain weight and fill out properly. You may just need to give it time.

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just stick to it n make sure you are doing everyting right ie.. how you work out n eat. eventually you will blow up

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