Too Busy To See Me

Okay so I’ve been talking to this guy for the past few months and me and him have had our ups and downs. Well recently I just went to California for like 3 weeks and I only talked to him a few times that I was there. He had called me a week before I came home and told me he missed me and couldnt wait for me to get back home, he said he even dreamed about me every night before he went to sleep. I was surprised to hear all of this because he is an emotionless guy and he usually doesn’t express his feelings to me like that. Plus he said he was horny and I was thinking why is he telling me…isnt there some other girl he can have sex with and stuff like that. Well I get back home and its only been a few days but now he says he’s busy all the time and he doesnt have to time to see me. He says he’ll come and pick me up but then he doesnt show up. I mean he has been going through a lot. He doesn’t have a job, he’s almost getting evicted, he doesnt know when his next meal will be and he just recently got his car back after having it towed like 2 times. I called him and talked to him the other night and he was just telling me about his problems and everything that happened to him when I was gone and we talked on the phone for an hour, thats the longest I’ve ever talked to him. All Im asking is do you think he could be really busy where he cant see me because he’s going through things? Or is he just blowing me off?

Answer #1

maybe he’s just overwhelmed, trying to juggle it all.

but communication is necessary for a relationship.

tell him you know he’s going through a rough time right now, and you’d like to help him out if you could.

tell him you don’t know if he’s just busy or blowing you off, but tell him to tell the truth.

Answer #2

I think that he is just going threw sum stuff and needs time tew work them out! I noo when I’m going threw crap in mii life I dont really like being smuthered and like I want to b left alone..I dont think he’s blowing you off at all I think he just really is busy! Maybee just giv hym a lil time tew work out wats going on in his life then when he feels ready he’ll cone for u! Or you cud tlk tew hym about it and make sure he noes that your there for hym wenever he needs tew tlkk! Good Luck :)

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