Tongue piercing and braces?

ok I have braces and I’m gett ing my tongue peirced this weekend or next weekend, will it affect my braces or what else??

Answer #1

it wont effect your braces but your ring can get stuck in them when your sleeping and it hurts so much to get out…lol I would know…I would wait

Answer #2

depends how careful you are with them, plus you have to be super careful that the barbell doesn’t get caught in your braces.

Answer #3

“The normal tongue piercing is not a real problem to teeth unless it is done too far toward the tip of the tongue and “clicks” against the bottom of the front teeth. There it can destroy the enamel if you’re not careful. The fact that you are wearing braces may interfere with the piercing and the braces may cause trouble with the piercing.. Best to check with you Dentist before doing this piercing. Remember, teeth have to last a long trime and you don’t want to ruin them with a piercing that can wait untill the braces come off.”

Answer #4

it doesn’t harm a thing I got mines done two weeks ago and I have braces and im perfectly fine with mines it’s just a wonder of my orthodonist will have to say ugh but I say do it cause I love my tongue piercing!

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