Told my folks to get lost..was it called for?

I’m 30, never been close with my Dad, somewhat with my mom. They’re very selfish people, and disfunctional. I’m no angel, but I’d certainly expect more than this: My fiance recently went to prison. I was homeless at the time so I asked my mother, if he could please write to me at her address and she could pass his letters on to me. At first, she agreed it was fine. Shortly after, she called, saying she and my father talked and that it wasn’t a good idea on second thought, for my fiance to write me letters and send them to my mothers address for me. He evidently changed her mind, Without questioning her, I hung up and sent both her and my father letters, using extreme profanity, expressing they weren’t welcome at my wedding and that not accepting him was equal to not accepting me, and not to contact us. My mother is manipulative and flippant, and since having a husband at one time who was in jail herself, she’s a hypocrate. My father is very self righteous as well. I’m not perfect either, but dang…I wonder if my reaction was a little overly dramatic, or what others think of this situation and how I handled it. ?


I’ve always resented my mom, and father. They are huge hypocrates, my mom even had a husband in jail once. I’m not understanding why a parent would do this, and if my reaction as a soon to be married grown daughter, was too harsh?

HELP? Paula

Answer #1

You probably should have gotten an understanding with your parents before hanging up. they for some reason felt that that was not the thing to do. Life is to short to hod grudges. I lost my sister in a very tragic accident. Everyday wishing she was here just to get on my nerves. Do let this continue like this. You be the bigger person to try and set this thing right.

Answer #2

I dont see eye to eye with my parents ever! i only speak to them still becos i still live at home, but if i was in your position i would have just left things and not spoken to them, and when they did eventually call or something give them attitude and tell them that they are hypocrites and you are done with them for hurting you this way! and leave it at that, writing them a letter and swearing at them is just immature, thats how i would have handled it, the silent treatment always works better and hurts them more.

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