Should i tell this girl she's too weird?

this girl in my class thinks that she should have the whole world revovle around her, but the truth is, shes really weird, if you know what I mean!! well nearly the whole class thinks this, possibly the whole school!! a question runs through my head everytime I see her. should I tell her this, or should I just leave things the way they are? I need some advice that would help me!!!

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If she isnt hurting anyone by being weird then leave her be. We all have some degree of delusions of grandeur.. You all are still young, have fun while you can and learn to treat others with compassion instead of contempt.

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Give her a chance.
Honestly... I feel sorry for the "different" kids because nobody is willing to give them the time of day. She needs a friend and her being like that is her way of trying to get attention. She obviously isn't getting the required amount of attention at home so she tries to get it at school. You should be the good person here and be her friend, and you will get to know the real her. Get to know things she likes, etc. and you will notice you and her might have a lot in common even though it doesn't seem it.

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What would be your purpose in telling her? Do you want her to be liked by everyone? When you say someone's really weird, it's not easy to imagine what you mean at all. We'd all have different views on what weirdness is. Why not just befriend her if you feel sorry for her? Why tell her the what people think?

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If she's really bothering you that much, just say something like "that's nice, but the world does not revolve around you, you know." If it's just an annoying habit, leave her be and chill with your friends instead!

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