are there any tips for raising my new gecko,

are there any tips for raising my new gecko, she’s my first lizard, any tips? I bought all the basics, I feed her small 10 cent crickets, but is there anything else?

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If I am guessing right you probably have a leopard gecko or something similar.. With leopard geckos, yeah they will take some crickets, but their main food is mealworms.. at times mine have been known to pick on some veggies as well.. Always keep fresh water for them, and dont forget vitamins.. they need some kind of cave or something to hide out in and proper lighting is very important.. Remember they are desert lizards, so they like it on the warmer side.. Hope this helps

Answer #2

I have about many pet geckos. They live on the windows outside the house, but since we recognize many of them, we’ve given them names.

Sorry, I don’t have advice on how to care for them, since mine care for themselves. …except this…don’t leave fly/bug paper lying around. I had one lying around on the floor of our garage, and when I discovered it, I felt like the Joseph Mengela of geckos because there were so many corpses stuck to the paper…poor little guys never had a chance.

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You need to invest in a good reference book on your pet. Visit your local library see what they have. Check out what Amazon has on Gecko’s. You will always have questions about your pet you will need answered, become your own expert on information on your Pet.

Visit your library and find books on your lizard for free. You can’t even trust Pet stores to know the right information. After you see what the library has to offer.

What I mean about the Pet stores is many times the clerks or even managers just work there and don’t own a Gecko, meaning they sell products, they know nothing about the living animal.

You are on the right track just go the extra steps.

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